Welcome to "ABNY" - reflections on life as I'm experiencing it. The unifying factor is that this site - and my life in general - are very much in-process. We are "Already, But Not Yet." I believe that this is what gives life its intensity. We are all at different stages, but have so much to learn and experience no matter what age we are. We live in a world that has been created by God and will one day be redeemed by Him. He has established His Kingdom already in the hearts of His people, but there is so much more to come. 

Thanks for taking a few minutes to join me on the journey. I hope that in these pages you will be encouraged to keep trying, to keep asking questions, and to realize that:
     All creation is God's creation
     All truth is God's truth
     Our mission is to integrate our faith
           and our daily lives in a seamless fashion